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Why Email is not opening in Incredimail? Complete Solution.

If you have installed the updated version of the IncrediMail email client, it will run smoothly without any issue. However, in most circumstances, it starts crashing frequently and has stopped working due to a variety of reasons such as incompatibility with other software, damaged files, etc. At such time, you should take a few steps to identify the cause and fix the problem.

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In that case, IncrediMail often crashes, you may not be able to access your email account and face problems related to email not opening in IncrediMail, etc.Some other common problems also cause it to crash and require the quickest assistance. Take a look at the issues outlined below you face with your email account and their solution.

Crash While Sending/Receiving Email with Windows Live Account

To fix the problems, you should try to reconfigure your email account by following the on-screen instructions. You can also visit the IncrediMail support web page to know the complete guidance.


Crash When You Send/Receive an Email Generally

If you face the problems related to email not opening or you unable to send/receive emails, upgrade your program using the Full Setup File. If it doesn’t solve the error, you can try to find other potential causes.


Crash While Getting Notifications or Messages from Facebook

The problem has been examined, and it causes due to the Facebook notifications that have attached a background sound to the message. Note that such errors are not related to the program, you should check for other email clients as well to find the causes and fix them.


Accidental Crash

If your email account is crashing randomly, try to disconnect the Facebook folder in the program. Just click on the Facebook folder, right side and choose the Disconnect option.


Crash While Transferring Data or Importing Settings

If you are getting difficulties while you want to transfer any file or import settings of your email account into the desktop email client during configuration, you should consider getting help with the IncrediMail helpline number to get the quick solution.


Crash Opening Attachments or Playing Videos

Such problems are commonly caused due to another application that conflicts with the IncrediMail program. At such time, you should try to uninstall it and fix the described error message. If the problem still exists, see the below steps to know how to fix.


For other common problems, consider the following:

1. Update your program with the Full setup file.

2. Disable 3D Magic for sending/receiving emails. However, if you don’t have installed or enabled 3D Magic, click the ‘No’ button to proceed.


3. Remove the Runtime folder that stores temporary files, if your program is loading slowly.

4. Reset your IE browser. The process of resetting the Internet Explorer is depending on which IE version you are using.


5. Restart your Windows computer with MSCON. It will help you to determine if another program is causing the program to load slowly.

6. Reboot your computer in Safe Mode, it loads all necessary drivers of Windows and allows you to check if any problem with the program or something else is causing the problem with your computer.


If the error persists, feel free to contact the IncrediMail helpline number for further assistance to solve the problem.

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