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Netgear wireless routers are not error-free completely, some common issues still encountered with the wireless networking. If your Netgear router doesn’t connect to the wireless network, then most probably you need to make a few changes in its settings. Eradicating issues triggered by signal interference and changing the settings of a router will make a smooth connection for any Wi-Fi device. The following guide, which is retrieved to the technicians via the Netgear router tech support number, will help you to troubleshoot a Netgear router if it doesn’t connect to the Internet.

Step 1: First of all, get rid of all objects between your PC to the router that may cause interference. Some household items as electronics will create an interruption of the wireless signal, including cordless phones. So, you can prevent signal interference by temporarily disconnecting the cordless phones. Also, check that any substantial or large metal, electronic items as the refrigerator are placed within 5 feet of your router.

Step 2: Attach an Ethernet cable to your router, and then connect its other end into the system’s Ethernet port. Open your web browser and enter the router’s IP address ( into the URL bar of your browser. Access your router’s settings menu by entering the admin username and password. The router’s factory settings have the username as ‘admin’ and the password as ‘password.’

Step 3: In the main settings menu of your router, click the ‘Wireless’ tab. Select ‘Enable SSID broadcast’ and enter a name for the Wi-Fi transmission. Visit the ‘Wireless Security’ tab and choose a security mode, which is a WAP that lets to create shared passwords with numbers and letters. Make a password and click the ‘Save’ button to apply the settings. Close the browser and remove the cable. Now, try to connect your computer to the Wi-Fi network and browse the website to test the Internet connection.


However, if cordless phone working on the 2.4 GHz bandwidth is having the wireless signal interruption, change the router’s broadcast frequency that can be made in the router’s settings main menu. Alternatively, you can also call at the Netgear router support number USA and seek the resultant solution of your queries or issues you have.

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