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Canon printers use small, springy pads to blot excess ink that collects when you print and clean the print heads. If you’re using the Canon PIXMA IP1000 printer and its waste ink absorber ends capacity, then it would no longer work and show you an ‘Ink Absorber Full’ error message. If it displays the flashing lights, then you should check the user manual to decode. When the ink absorber pad is exceeded, you can quickly clean and remove them from your printer. Also, you can consult with the experts of Canon customer service Canada and seek the solution. Check the steps to clean Canon printer waste ink absorber.

 1. Fill the big bowl with soapy, warm water and put it aside. Place on the rubber gloves.


2. Raise the printer cover and open the compartment of the ink cartridge. You may find them either in the front or the back of your printer.

3. Wait for the ink cartridges to change all the way over, and then unplug the power cord of your machine.

4. Search for the black rubber frame in the ink cartridge assembly. It contains the ink absorbing pads.

5. Take the rubber frame out of the machine and clean the ink absorbing pads. The pad number differentiates by the models.


6. Put the pads in the bowl. Scrub and squeeze them to eliminate the ink. If the water becomes opaque with ink, throw it and fill up the bowl with extra warm, foamy water. Proceed to the steps until all ink is detached from the pads.

7. Squash the additional water from the pads and out them on a stack of 3 to 4 paper towels to shrunken.


8. See the pads after every hour to make sure if they’re dried. If the paper sheets become soaked, replace them out.

9. Put the pads back under the rubber frame when they’re dry completely. Reinstall the frame inside the printer.


10. Plug the power cord back and press and hold the ‘Power’ button. When your Canon printer powers on, release it. Wait for 5 seconds and press the ‘Power’ button again. It resets the internal memory of your printer and outweighs the error code ‘Ink Absorber Full.’

 However, if you’re still facing the Ink Absorber Full error code while trying to print using the Canon PIXMA IP1000 printer, it’s recommended to call on the Canon printer customer support number to avail the solution to fix this error message more efficiently.



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