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Prevent QuickBooks from connecting to Internet Automatically

Most of the QuickBooks functions, including accessing the new online files or downloading tax tables, automatically connect to the Internet whenever they require. If you don’t want to access the Internet while working with QuickBooks, then you can stop them by telling your accounting program that you don’t have any connection. Although, some Internal functions of it, which is associated with product licensing, will connect to the Internet despite these settings.

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To prevent all services from connecting to the Internet, you need to turn off your network interface while using the QuickBooks. You can also get the technical help from QuickBooks support to prevent the Internet access. Also, try the following solutions listed below until you will be able to disable the Internet access.

QuickBooks Setting

1. Open the QuickBooks program and login as a user with enough privileges to change the preferences and settings of your system.


2. Click the ‘Help,’ and then select the ‘Internet connection setup,’ followed by the ‘I do not have an Internet connection.’ Click ‘OK.’

3. Now, close the program completely, and then open it again and log into it as an administrative user. Click the ‘Help,’ and then the ‘Update QuickBooks’ option. Make sure that it has an error message that it can’t access the Internet.


However, if you’re unable to change the QuickBooks settings and still having the Internet access, get in touch with experts by dialing customer service number QuickBooks to seek the solution and necessary technical help from QuickBooks support.

Turn Off Your Internet Connection

1. Click ‘Windows Orb’ to launch the Start menu and then select ‘Control Panel.’ Next, click the ‘Network and Internet,’ and then the ‘Network and Sharing Center,’ followed by the ‘Change Adapter Settings’ in the left column.


2. Find the active Internet connection, for instance ‘Local Area Network.’ Click the icon to choose the connection, right-click on it and select the ‘Status.’ Check that there are values in the ‘Sent’ and ‘Received’ options to make sure you selected the active connection.

3. Click on the ‘Disable’ button to turn off the Internet connection. Open the QuickBooks program and start using it.


4. Activate the internet once you have completed using QuickBooks. Right-click on the network connection icon and select the ‘Enable’ option.

Note that when you disable the network connection, your all applications will drop the Internet connectivity. So, if you want to get the exact and permanent solutions, just call at the QuickBooks customer service phone number and address your concerns to the techs to get quick resolution of several issues related to your Dial QuickBooks program.

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