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While running a business, access to the internet is an essential part of the company to do various operations. Problems with Internet connectivity can impact your business productivity, revenues, and interactions with clients and customers, so it’s necessary that such issues need to be resolved as soon as possible. If your Internet Explorer is not showing a specific web page, or you can’t access any website at all, then you should troubleshoot your web browser, its add-ons and other programs on the PC to tackle the primary cause of issues. Usually, you can also seek Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 support to diagnose and fix the possible causes promptly.

Internet Explorer

If your Internet Explorer 11 is displaying the error message while browsing any site, then you can text the same site by opening up on an alternative web browser to check if the problem exists. If it does, then you may have issues due to the ISPs or network setup utility. Run the troubleshooting tool via the Network and Sharing Center to search for the possible causes and resolutions. If you find any problem in IE 11, then check that you are using the updated version of the program. If not, then update it by downloading and installing the latest release via the Microsoft’s official site.



Even though IE 11 is running efficiently, one of its extensions may not be. There’s a chance that a browser add-on is stopping web pages from loading properly. Check that by running your browser without any extension, enter ‘IE 11’ into the search box on the Start menu and select ‘IE 11 (No Add-Ons)’ option. If the problem is fixed, access the Manage Add-ons dialog to turn off plug-ins one by one until you tackle the one at error. Also, check for the updated version of the add-on.

History and Configuration

Sometimes, problems related to the ‘Internet Explorer cannot display the Web page’ error message can be resolved by removing the IE history via the ‘Internet Options’ on the ‘Tools’ menu. Clear cookies, stored passwords and other cached data at the same time. Additionally, you can reset IE 11 to its original settings via the ‘Advanced’ tab in the ‘Internet Options’ dialog with the ‘Reset’ button.


Other Software Interference

Another chance for the error message is that a third-party software program is interfering with the IE 11 operations. Check that all of your installed security applications are configured to let IE work, and download and install the updated version for each one. Via the Windows Task Manager, close all utilities and applications running in the background and aren’t necessary for IE to operate. Additionally, run a complete system scan for possible threats to diagnose for malware that may have affected IE 11. If you still have any issues while running IE 11, call at the Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 support number and seek the quick resolution.


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