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How to Fix If Google Chrome Freezes on Flash

Google’s Chrome web browser has integrated the Adobe Flash technology and enabled it by default. Flash player powers various online contents, including streaming videos and interactive games over the Internet. If Google Chrome freezes on the flash player more often while you browse any websites or surf the Internet, check that you have an updated browser version; otherwise, try to turn off Flash completely. Customer support is available via the phone calls, where you can address your issues related to the freezing and “Aw Snap!” error in Google Chrome to get further assistance if necessary.

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Damaged or Outdated Chrome

Some Flash failures and freezing issues are resolved by updating your browser to the updated version. To make sure that you’re using the up-to-date version, reveal the wrench menu and then click on the ‘About Google Chrome’ option, followed by the ‘Update Google Chrome’ if the option is presented. Restart your web browser to complete the procedure. It also upgrades to the new release of the Flash add-on from Adobe and may cover up the glitches your browser is having. Additionally, you can contact Google for Chrome issues and avail the quick resolution.


Overloaded Computer Resources

On low-powered computing devices like netbooks, the huge amount of Flash content, can source your browser and the operating system itself to become loaded. If you’re streaming a video content, change to a minor resolution. In such circumstances, close any other applications they’re running all at once or any other open tabs of the browser to clear up as much processor time and memory space as possible. At such time, you can avail customer support for Google Chrome to fix your browser issues.


Disabling Flash

Sometimes, you can fix your browser-related issues by disabling the Flash temporarily.


· Reveal the wrench menu and then click the ‘Options.’

· Then, click the ‘Under the Hood’ option, followed by the ‘Content Settings.’

· On the Plug-ins heading, click the ‘Disable individual plug-ins’ option.

· Subsequently, click the ‘Disable’ option under the Flash heading section.

· Restart your web browser to complete the process.

Now, you’re able to surf the Web as usual, but any Flash media content, such as streaming video or interactive banners is unavailable.


Contacting the Support

If everything else attempt fails, contact Google customer support to address your problems associated with flash sourcing Chrome to become unresponsive and freeze and show “Aw Snap!” error. The professionals are aware of the issue and are willing to resolve out instantly. By providing details of the issue, including the operating system you’re using, you can get the exact solutions in a hassle-free manner. Any possible patches will be automatically involved in updates for the Chrome browser.




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