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For almost all models of the Belkin router, the default IP address is, which is slightly or significantly different from other router manufacturers. Due to the manner in which login details are configured, possibilities are you have no need to input anything in the username and password text fields while you try to log into the admin panel. Contacting the experts at Belkin customer service number you can get a hassle-free access to the admin panel to change settings.

 However, Belkin router doesn’t have any password on the admin account, by default. The username box may require you to enter in ‘Admin,’ or it should be blank instead. If you have a Belkin router, then you surely need to change the username and password for the security purposes. In that case, if you don’t do that, then anyone can access your network by making changes in the admin panel that can cause security holes, or let the intruder install malware and hack your data.


 So, understanding how to sign in the panel for the router is essential to secure the network. You can set your admin password to secure the router with the help of professionals by dialing the Belkin router customer support number. Otherwise, failure to protect your router can leave you the Internet vulnerable to unauthorized access, risking malware and other online threats.

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