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Brother’s wireless printer model 495CW with several exciting features. In spite of including unique options, its not auto configured to automatically print double-sided pages. As a premium user, you need to manually set the printer to print double-sided pages. Yes, it looks like a tough task, but in actual it is quite easy. Make sure you pay a close attention to prevent any printing troubleshoot. For resolving the printed related issues, you need to dial the Brother printer customer support for seeking urgent help regarding the common printing problems such as ink cartridge errors, driver installation and other technical issues.

Click the print button to start your printing task. Now, open the print settings window to set your printer to print all odd pages, you can start with the first page. Tap “OK” to start the printing process.


Let the machine print all the odd side pages. Inspect your printer only print pages face up or face down at a time. First, print pages with face up in the Brother MFC 495CW. Simply place the odd printed pages back to the tray, so that the black side remains facing upwards. The printer’s top edges must be oriented close to the printer back side. Moreover, if you wish to ensure the pages are ordered numerically with the first page at the top stack.

Now press the print option, when you print the windows settings will open and set the printer just for even pages, which starts with the second page and click ok to start the printing process. The printing process will progress smoothly and ensure the paper gets printed well on the other side. The double side printing is effective when you need to print the document as per the specified needs and requirements of a journal or study material. In addition, the printing tasks make the printer efficient to meet the needs and requirements. To ensure the printing tasks are managed well, then configure wireless Brother printer installation as per the guidelines issued by the notable experts.

As compared to wired printers the wireless machines are highly efficient in resolving the issues in a quick time frame. Take help from the professional technicians to resolve the problems without any technical glitches. The notable technical support team helps to manage the printing tasks flawlessly and helps to manage other activities such as scan and fax, Refer the Contactforhelp directory, if you need direct helpline number to resolve the problems regarding the technical troubleshoots.

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