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TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is the protocol that manages the data which is transferred from one network host to another. You can also use TCP to manage port forwarding and triggering for a variety of network ports via the Cisco router. Once configured, the types of traffic you identify, like as games or apps, will be redirected by TCP to the ports within the range.

So, if you want to configure TCP redirection on the Cisco router, it is necessary to use the router setup utility. However, if you don’t how to configure TCP redirects, then you can either get expert’s assistance with the Cisco tech support number or you can take a look at the guide given below.

Enter Setup and Reserve an IP Address

1. Launch the web browser on your computer and enter the ‘’ into the address bar. Click the ‘Enter’ button, and then enter the default username and password for the Cisco router is ‘admin’ into the specified fields. Now, it will direct you to the router setup utility.

2. Launch the ‘Setup’ tab in the setup utility, hit on the ‘Basic Setup’ option and then click on the ‘DHCP Reservation’ button. It will show you the complete list of connected devices and computers. Choose the device or computer from the list for which you wish to configure TCP redirection and check the ‘Select’ box.

3. Click on the ‘Add Clients’, and then click the ‘Save Settings.’ Now, your device has a static IP address which makes it prepared for port forwarding.

Configure TCP Redirection

1. Go to the setup utility main menu and launch the ‘Applications & Gaming’ tab. Click on the ‘Port Range Forwarding’ or ‘Single Port Forwarding’ link.

2. Enter the starting port and ending port numbers in the specified boxes. In that case, the application only uses a single port; the access path of these boxes should be the same number. Enter in the last three digits of the static IP address, you set up in the last section.

3. Click on the ‘Save Settings’ button to confirm the TCP redirection setting. Now, your Cisco router will redirect traffic to the select network port to your particular device or computer.

However, if you are not able to configure TCP redirects for your router or you are facing any kinds of technical problems while using the Cisco router, it is highly advisable to call on the Cisco Customer service number present in the Contactforhelp to get quick and effective resolution for resolving all router knotty problems.


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