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MagicJack is a small device that connects to your PC and uses voice over IP technology to make calls. It comes with its own set of driver software for the operating systems such as Windows, and you must install these programs to get your device functioning properly. However, if you face any issue with the MagicJack, then try to update or reinstall the drivers as a troubleshooting approach to fixing any driver conflicts or software issues. Here’s how to reinstall a MagicJack driver without being dependent on the MagicJack support phone number.

  • First of all, unplug the MagicJack and remove the last installation.
  • Once you have uninstalled, connect the device to the USB port again.
  • Restart your PC again. Click on the ‘Start Magic Jack’ button and continue with the installation and registration prompts.
  • Fill out the information boxes. Type the name and password you picked in the previous install in the information boxes and click ‘Enter. ’

Now, the MagicJack should be working well. However, if you still face problems in using it, then you can ask the assistance to the experts by calling at the MagicJack help phone number and fix all sorts of issues encountered due to the outdated software.

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