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AOL is an Internet service provider that lets you access the Internet via a Web browser like as IE, Firefox or the AOL browser. The service also offers AOL Mail accounts that allow you to send/receive email messages using the network connection. However, if the AOL email account freezes up while accessing it, you should either contact the AOL customer service to get expert help of further solutions or conduct your own troubleshooting on the system to resolve the problem.

Reset the AOL Mail

AOL mainly offers a webmail service that lets you access your emails through the browser and clicking on a link get from the AOL home page. As this is the browser-based email service, a freezing issue may be encountered due to an issue or incompatibility with the web browser. Resolving the issue will vary, depending on the browser type you have. If the modification of browser configurations doesn’t work, reset the mail or try to connect to the mail page via AOL Mail basic.


Web Browser Troubleshooting

Update and run the virus scanner or trusted antivirus on the system. If your system is infected by malware, it can cause the Internet browser and AOL mail to freeze up. As well, clear the browser’s cache, cookies, footprints, and history to free up browser space and let the browser respond better. Deactivate the add-ons to check if the plugins are having incompatibility issues with the AOL Mail page.

Reset AOL Mailbox

If you assure that the browser is not the problem, or if you are still unable to access the mail even after adjusting the browser settings, you should try to reset the AOL mailbox configuration settings to fix the error. Click on the ‘Help’ link on the AOL page and choose ‘AOL Mail System Summary’ option. Now, click on the ‘Reset’ button nearly the ‘Mailbox State’ option. After that, sign out and back into the account to check the changes.


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Troubleshoot the AOL Mail Basic

AOL also offers a basic page that lets you access your email account without additional applications or scripts that may cause the Internet browser to freeze. Launch your web browser and access to the AOL Mail basic web page. Once prompted, enter your account email address, or username, and password to access it. This version comes with all the basic features, but this is easier to load on your system. If it runs on your browser, bookmark it so that you can use it to check your emails in the future.


However, if your AOL email account still freezes up, call on the AOL customer service phone number to get further assistance from the skilled experts in order to troubleshoot the freezes up issues.

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