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If you’re not able to print using the installed Brother printer from your computer because it’s showing as offline, then you can change some of the settings of your printer so that you can continue printing your text and graphic documents. Microsoft Windows 7 offers an inbuilt feature for switching between the offline modes that can get rid of the ‘Printer Offline’ notifications that you’re getting from your printer. Though, if that option doesn’t fix the issues, you may require changing physical connection and the printer installation to recover the normal printing functions.

Note: - If your Brother printer keeps going offline and you’re unable to print your documents, you should call on the Brother Printer technical support number to connect your offline printer.

Step 1 - Click the Start menu located at the lower-left corner of the computer, and then click the ‘Devices and Printers’ icon.


Step 2 – Right-click on the Brother Printer icon, followed by the ‘see What’s Printing’ section. Click the ‘Printer’ button at the top of the screen, and then search for the blue check box to the left of the ‘Use Printer Offline’ option.

Step 3 - If you find the check mark here, click the ‘Use Printer Offline’ button to deselect it, after which your documents will begin printing. If the documents don’t print, continue with the next step.

Step 4 – Press the power button on your Brother printer to power it off. Remove the USB cable of your printer from the port on your PC.

Step 5 - Power the Brother printer on. Connect the USB cable to the port on your system again. If your documents in the print queue start to print, then you have fixed the issue. Otherwise, go to the next step.


Step 6 – Click the Windows Start at the lower left side of your desktop screen, followed by the arrow to the right of the ‘Shut Down’ option, and then click the ‘Restart’ button. The documents that were earlier jammed in the print queue will start to print again when the PC has restarted.

If your Brother printer still doesn’t start printing your documents and the problem remains, it’s highly advised to call the experts by dialing the Brother Printer customer service phone number to get your problems fixed within the shortest time.



Remember that the Windows ‘Hibernate’ and ‘Sleep’ modes can cause connection issues if you’re using the wireless Brother printer. If it was earlier functioning before Windows went to the ‘Hibernation’ or ‘Sleep’ mode, the best solution is to restart your PC and the printer.


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