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Before accessing the Belkin router’s Internet-based configuration page, you will be prompted for the password, which is an administrator password. When you have enabled that, then not anyone can instantly change the router’s settings since they will be requested to input the password. If you forget the admin security key, you should reset the router. Remember that doing that will result to misplacing your previously saved settings. It’s meant that you require setting up your router again once you reset. Continue with the below instructions to know how to change Belkin router password:

 Step 1: First of all, connect the PC to the Belkin router’s LAN port with an Ethernet cable.


Step 2: Access the Internet-based configuration page of the router. For doing that, open up your web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer or which one you want to use. Type the ‘’ IP address in the search bar and press ‘Enter.’

Note: If you’re unable to open the configuration web page using the above-listed instructions, try to enter the ‘router’ on the search bar instead. If the problem still continues, avail the help of Belkin customer support experts.

Step 3: You will be transmitted to the Internet-based configuration page of the Belkin router. Click on the ‘Login’ link placed at the upper of the page. In the login section, it will prompt you to enter the admin password. If you’re doing for the first time, don’t enter the password. If you have set it earlier, type it into the provided field and then click the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 4: Click the ‘System Settings’ option under ‘Utilities’ section. With the Belkin Dashboard, search for the ‘Advanced Settings’ dialog button and then choose the ‘System Settings’ option.


Step 5: If you have an admin password, input it in the ‘Type in current Password’ field. Subsequently, type your personal password in the ‘Type in new Password’ field and then the ‘Confirm New Password’ field.

Step 6: After completing, move down to the end of the page and click the ‘Apply Changes’ button. If you have used the Belkin Dashboard, click the ‘Save’ button.


 However, if the desired changes aren’t applied, you may require upgrading the Belkin router’s firmware. It helps enhance the router’s performance and can fix issues that the earlier firmware version may contain. For complete guidance on how to update the router’s firmware or change the Belkin router default password, quickly get in touch with the IT technicians and seek help to fix the router password related issues instantly.

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