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At the time while using your Belkin wireless router, you may require managing different issues, including unable to access the router interface or unit, scan the Internet or insecure system that continues receiving online interruption and threats and so on. A few of the problems should efficiently be possible to cover up with a simple reboot or changes in the router setup; however, some of the major issues keep continuing with it. The process of changing the router setup is a little bit harsh; you must sign into the Belkin router configuration page to do so.

However, if you are not able to get your router’s interface, at such time, you need to do the hard reset of your router that can also be possible by getting expert help via the Belkin router support phone number. Doing that will restore the original settings give you an opportunity to get it to the web interface and switch to the required improvements. Here’s how to hard reset your Belkin wireless router.

1. Power off your Belkin router, and then disconnect all the links ranging from the LAN to the switch. Remain the power link attached and start the router once more.

2. Take a pen, sharp or thin paper clasp. Locate the router’s ‘Reset’ button, usually found at the back of the router.

3. Insert the pin or clasp in the Reset button and press and then hold it for 7 to 10 seconds. Release it after a few times later.

4. When the router is being restored to process the plant configurations, you will find the lights going impractical. You have no need to worry about it as it’s usual.

5. Wait for the router to restart completely. Once done, at the point, connect all the disconnected links back to the router.

6. Launch your web browser and after this type ‘’ in the address bar. Click ‘Enter’ to continue. Input the router’s login credentials and start with the router interfaces.

Never avoid changing your existing settings. It will save you from misplacing them if you may need to perform a hard reset once more. Don’t ignore to make a note of your router’s username and password, especially in the occasion that you configure custom ones. If you require any help to identify the Belkin router login details or related to troubleshooting it, you can call at the Belkin router customer service number to confront issues that you can’t fix without getting expert help.

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