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5 Steps to Reset Fuji Xerox Laser Printer Memory

In a Xerox laser printer, you can find the settings stored in the non-volatile memory, which allows the printer to save settings while the power is turned off. You can reset the memory settings on the printer, removing all settings and restoring the printer to the original factory defaults. To reset the memory, you will need the manufacturer-provided four digit access code. If there’s a problem while you reset Fuji Xerox laser printer memory, you can seek resolution by dialing the Xerox customer service number.
Check the below steps:

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  • Power on the Xerox laser printer.
  • Push and hold the ‘0’ key on the keypad, and then hit the ‘Start’ button. The access code asks releases on the LCD touchscreen window.
  • Enter the access code into the pop-up via the keypad. Now, you can see the Maintenance Mode screen on the window.
  • Subsequently, tap the ‘Initialize NVM’ option shown in the window.
  • Power off the Xerox printer and wait for 10 minutes to restart it. The memory is reset, and the default factory settings are initialized.

Not that the reset process may take several minutes and the printing tasks now running will be lost. However, if you find any difficulties while resetting the printer’s memory, you can contact the Xerox printer customer support number available on the Contactforhelp and get them resolved in no time.

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