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4 Ways to Repair the MagicJack Delay and Echo Issues

MagicJack is the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service offering telephone service over the network connection instead of the landline or cell phone. However, you might face an interruption or echo while using it. The echo is mainly created by the microphone picking up sound from the speaker. Sometimes, the poor Internet speed, system settings, and connection can also cause the delay of MagicJack. At such time, however, the best thing is that you should contact experts just by dialing the MagicJack customer service phone number.

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Method #1: Click the ‘Menu’ icon on the upper-right corner of the softphone program on your system if you hear echo sound. Click the ‘Headset/Volume’ option and set the volume low for both speaker and microphone to about a lesser of the maximum levels. If you’re having a standard phone connected to the port of MagicJack, make it off the speaker.

Method #2: Remove the connection of your router or the modem from the wall switch, and let it stay disconnected for at least 3 minutes if you still face delays or echo issues. Restart the system and your Internet connection, let them settle for a moment or then, and try to make a call again.


Method #3: If the issue still continues, try to connect the MagicJack to the different USB port of PC. If it’s attached to the system’s USB jack with a cable, instead of connected directly, you should try it without any cable. Connect the MagicJack directly to the system. Try to change the cable that connects to the phone and the MagicJack device.

Method #4: Adjust the CPU-scheduling setting on the PC if you still face any quality problems. Go to the ‘My Computer,’ select ‘Properties,’ and then click the ‘Advanced’ tab. Under the ‘Performance’ window, choose the ‘Settings’ icon and then the ‘Advanced’ option. Next, choose the ‘Background Services,’ followed by the ‘Apply’ option at the ‘Processor Scheduling’ heading. Double-click the ‘OK’ button.


Tips & Tactics:

If you continue to face problems, then you can contact the ISP like cable or Cell Phone Company and report your problems. There might be a speed issue or service outage with the line that transmits the Internet. If you find that the MagicJack is having issues itself, instantly call on the MagicJack customer support phone number and speak with the skilled and certified experts to resolve the problems within a short span of time.



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