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4 Handy Tactics to Save Bookmarks in Opera Mini

If you’re using Opera Mini, there is a free tool you can use to back up your browser profiles, settings, as well as browsing sessions on your smartphone device. It also provides a sync service, which lets you save and sync bookmarks, history, personal bar, notes, and search engines with other computers. If you need to save bookmarks in your Opera Mini browser, follow up four methods given below to organize your favorite websites correctly. You can also avail the technical assistance of Opera customer support specialists if you find troubles in hosting the sites or misplaced any of the saved bookmarks.

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Here’s how to save

Method #1: SavingFor Offline Reading

It’s the best way for the times while you run out of mobile data plan, if you’re using a limited Internet pack, and need to walk away from the Wi-Fi hotspot you’re connected to. Surf the site you wish to go later and touch the ‘Save for Offline’ option. Your browser will instantly download the content, and you’re safe to visit. Go to the home page and touch the ‘Saved Pages’ option to open the site later.


Method #2: Adding to Speed Dial

You can save bookmarks via the Speed Dial method, which is a set of graphical bookmarks that allows you to access your favorite pages and the most visited websites quickly. They are right in the ‘Saved Pages’ folder on the start page of Opera Mini.


Method #3: Adding to Home Screen

Websites like your Facebook, email, or any other site you access continually never require being more than single taps away. With your browser, you can just add pages to the home screen. They will seem like any other application. You just need to touch the three dots menu and then select the ‘Add to home screen’ option.


Method #4: Adding to Bookmarks

Finally, the classic Bookmarks folder is still the part of your Opera Mini browser. The function lets you save all the pages and beloved articles you want to recall again and again. They won’t engage space on your browser home page or the Android device. You can access them right beside the ‘Saved Pages’ folder.


If you want to explore more additional ways to save bookmarks in your favorite Opera Mini browser or you need technical assistance regarding your Opera browser issues, just call at the Opera customer service number and gain the immediate solutions for solving your several queries and matters.

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